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Asset Discovery

Effective industrial cybersecurity starts with understanding what needs to be protected. Our platform provides you with this knowledge by revealing and contextualizing 100% web content, including content that is invisible or difficult to understand. The result is a centralized, manageable, always-up-to-date inventory of all OT, IoT, and IIoT assets, processes, and connectivity paths across your network, as well as clear insights into what's going on.

Security protection and promotion

By revealing what's on your network, our platform enables you to address its inherent risk factors: from severe vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, to weak security behavioral awareness among operations personnel, to unreliable, unmonitored, and inefficient remote access mechanisms. Claroty solutions improve these mechanisms that hinder the ability of your remote employees to repair assets and maintain uptime and resiliency.

Threat detection

The harsh reality of industrial cybersecurity (and all types of security) is that no matter what protective controls you put in place to manage the risk, you can't eliminate it. No network is immune to threats, so it's imperative to detect and respond to them quickly and efficiently when they appear. Our platform's elastic threat detection model enables you to do just that.

Secure connection

Industrial networks are the core assets of enterprise production, but in general, industrial networks are isolated, and the work of protecting and optimizing these networks is difficult to integrate with production processes. For Claroty's customers, they leverage our platform to connect industrial cybersecurity to other businesses and operate at an acceptable level of risk. Increase flexibility and innovation for industrial production!

The Claroty Platform offers a diverse, modular set of purpose-built tools.

EMC works seamlessly to support Claroty CTD with centralized data, analytics, and administrative controls.


CTD is a robust solution that delivers comprehensive cybersecurity controls for your environments.


SRA delivers frictionless, reliable, and secure remote access for internal and third-party personnel.


Edge is a fast, easy, simple solution that delivers 100% visibility into industrial networks in minutes.


xDome is a highly flexible, modular SaaS-based solution that supports your entire cybersecurity journey.

Claroty's industrial cybersecurity solutions are superior to other competitors

01. Visibility of industrial networks
02. Vulnerability Management
03. Threat detection
04. Network refinement and mitigation of threats

Visibility of industrial networks

Unmatched OT protocol coverage and active, passive, and AppDB scanning techniques enable the Claroty platform to have a comprehensive view of all three variables that are critical to effectively evaluating the OT environment and reducing false positives. These include 1) asset visibility; 2) Web session visibility; 3) Operational process visibility. Claroty is the only vendor to offer this kind of OT visibility.

Threat detection

After determining the exact firmware version, operating system, model, vendor, and rack slot (among other details) for each asset in the OT environment, the Claroty platform correlates this information with the latest CVE data and extensive Claroty tracking databases for insecure protocols and other security vulnerabilities. The result is painless and accurate detection of exact match vulnerabilities, which can then be prioritized and fixed more efficiently, with no false positives or the burden of incomplete context.

Vulnerability Management

The Claroty platform leverages five detection engines to automatically analyze all assets, communications, and processes in an OT environment, establish a baseline of behavior that characterizes legitimate traffic and eliminates false positives, and provides comprehensive and continuous coverage of OT security and integrity monitoring—all without the need for OT expertise. These engines include: anomaly detection, security behavior, known threats, operational behavior, and custom rules.

Network refinement and mitigation of threats

All aspects of the platform work together to optimize alert classification and mitigation. This starts with OT security and integrity events, each of which is extracted by a risk definition algorithm to assess whether it constitutes a real risk. The CTD then identifies the links between risk events and bundles the interrelated events into an alert with its root cause analysis and most likely attack vectors. Alerts related to OT remote access can be easily investigated and responded to activities through SRA, while alerts related to IT incidents can be easily correlated through a customer's SIEM solution.

The Claroty Research Team
Team82 provides indispensable vulnerability and threat research to Claroty customers and defenders of cyber-physical networks worldwide. Bookmark this page to stay informed about the latest XIoT vulnerability research from the industry's leading team.

Supports 450+ Proprietary Protocols

Ensure our portfolio is compatible with all protocols spanning all of your OT, BMS, IoT, and other XIoT assets.

Strategic Tech Alliances

From visibility and detection through threat correlations and enforcement, Claroty's Technology Alliance partnerships constitute a distinguished, market leading ecosystem that deliver high-value solutions.
What they are saying about Claroty

"We needed an OT tool that complements Claroty CTD's real-time monitoring to reveal the unreachable blind spots in Pfizer's main manufacturing environments. With Claroty Edge,we attained this faster than ever imagined.”

——Jim LaBonty, Head of Global Automation Engineering at Pfizer

“Being alerted tovulnerabilities in real-time is a must-have for our manufacturing operations.We need solutions that allow our organization to quickly identify which assetshave potential vulnerabilities and prioritize the actions we need to take inorder to reduce and eliminate potential risks.”

——Kevin Tierney, Vice President of Global Cybersecurity, General Motors

Claroty empowers industrial, healthcare, and commercial organizations to secure all cyber-physical systems in their environments: the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT). The company's unified platform integrates with customers' existing infrastructure to provide a full range of controls for visibility, risk and vulnerability management, threat detection, and secure remote access.