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Our platform has earned dozens of accolades in Healthcare Cybersecurity.



We evaluate data and protocols to create custom policies for hospitals.


Healthcare Facilities

We have deployed our solutions in thousands of hospitals worldwide.


IoT Devices

We protect more than 10 million loT devices in healthcare environments.


Medical Devices

We secure and monitor more than seven million IoMT and other medical devices.

Medigate is the first company to recognize — and address — the critical need for healthcare IoT security.

Combining Medigate’s leadership in delivering unmatched visibility, protection & threat detection for medical devices with Claroty’s leadership in doing the same for industrial OT devices, will create a powerhouse for security of the Extended internet of Things (XIoT) in healthcare. Organizations can now confidently connect their IoMT, OT, IoT and IT assets with a single, best of breed solution.

The Medigate Platform

Medigate is the industry's first comprehensive, modular, and SaaS-based healthcare cybersecurity platform that scales to protect your environment.

Device Discovery & Profiling with Medigate

Medigate's combined use of both passive and light-active techniques enables you to see all device traffic. With our compatibility across over 500+ unique device protocols, all the traffic is fully interpreted.

Vulnerability & Risk Management with Medigate

Device cybersecurity depends on a complex set of factors, and it can be hard to know what the right action is. With a ‘context-aware’ set of detail about each device, the next-step recommendations become useful.

Network Protection with Medigate

With an accurate device profile, network segmentation becomes a powerful tool. Applying the right policy to the proper device improves the overall security posture of the HDO.

Device Inventory with Medigate

Using a bi-directional integration, accurate device data is fed dynamically into the HDOs record of truth.

Device Location with Medigate

By tracking the physical location, it becomes easier for Biomed teams to find the specific device they are looking for, especially those that are lost or missing.

Device Utilization with Medigate

Through accurate measurement of utilization, more patient care can be done with less devices, which avoids having expensive resources sitting idle

Medigate Integrations

Medigate is honored to share our healthcare cybersecurity mission with these premier partners:

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